Government Incentives for Summer Tourism

The Gambia is a small and beautiful sun-streaked country on the west coast of Africa between five and six hours flying time from European capitals.

It is an ideal tropical destination for both winter and summer offering:

  • a peaceful and stable political climate,
  • glorious sunshine and sparkling sandy beaches,
  • modern beach hotels and exotic riverside camps,
  • a splendid river for cruising and fishing,
  • abundant bird?life,
  • a friendly smiling people with a fascinating culture
  • delicious cuisine


The country is currently offering a set of very attractive incentives to tour operators, airlines, hotels and ground handlers during the summer months of May to October:

  • A 25% discount on aircraft handling charges for all tourist charter flights,
  • A 25% discount on landing and parking fees for all tourist flights,
  • A 50% reduction in Sales Tax for hotels and ground handlers.
  • Special room rates for tour operators


The Government of The Gambia is also offering a special investment status that will entitle investors to the following incentives for a period of five years:

a) Exemption from withholding tax and tax on dividends;
b) Exemption from customs duties on the following items:

  • the approved capital equipment, machinery, appliances, furniture and fittings imported and to used by the project or business
  • the approved quantity of semi-finished products, spare parts, raw materials and other supplies to be used in the production process;
c) Exemption from sales tax on the items mentioned in paragraph (b);
d) Exemption from turnover tax;
e) Preferential treatment for the allocation of land for the site of the proposed investment and the provision of infrastructural facilities
f) Special and attractive scheme of accelerated depreciation as set out in the Investment Promotion Act of The Gambia


Please contact:
The Department of State for Tourism and Culture
The Quadrangle
The Gambia
Fax: (220) 227753
  Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zones Agency
5 Nelson Mandela Street,
P.O. Box 757
The Gambia
Fax: (220) 222829