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Road links to the main towns in The Gambia are relatively good and weather roads with the exception of certain stretches. Local taxis (bush taxis) run from Banjul along the coastal road to the hotels and beach area and for the adventurist offer cheap reliable transport.

Long distance buses, however are not frequent or reliable. Should you wish to explore the country further but do not wish to take an organised tour, we recommend private transport.


In pre-independence days called Bathurst, Banjul is the capital city and seat of government of The Gambia. In its streets mix all the many peoples of this friendly country. Beautiful batik, silver filigree jewellery and other craft objects are in the shops. There are regular tours of the city and it is the starting point for trips to all parts of the country and coastline.

Barra Point

Fort Bullen was built by the British 200 years ago to cover the approaches to Banjul and the river. It succeeded James Island fortress, destroyed by the French. It can be reached by direct ferry from the capital.

James Island Fort

Constructed by the Germans in 1651, it was captured by the British 10 years later. The ruins stand on a tiny island in the centre of the river. Fort James is a colourful reminder of the centuries of struggle to dominated the shave and other trades of the region.


This Safari-style camp, some 155km from Banjul can he reached by river or road. It is a superb spot to stop off and enjoy the richly varied bird and animal life of the river.


Fascinating circles of standing stones around Wassu have now been identified as burial grounds more than 1200 years old. Made of hewn Laterite - there are scores of these sites dotting the landscape.


The old 'second' city of colonial days and still an administrative & trading centre of the region. Here stands the old slave market, a sign of hard days gone by.

Basse Santa Su

The major trading centre for the upper reaches of the Gambia river. Handsome trading houses built at the turn of the century can be seen.


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